Friday, May 6, 2011

Recycling: Reducing Waste by Buffy Silverman

Recycling: Reducing Waste. by Buffy Silverman. Heinemann Library, 2008. 46 pages.
Review/Personal thoughts:  This book is part of a Do It Yourself Series.  It is specifically targeting tween readers interested in the environment, the green movement and helping the Earth.  The book is very attractive in its layout. There are photographs and illustrations on every page. The first chapters deal with trash - What is it?, Where does it go? What is its impact on the environment?  The main focus of the book is on recycling.   The connection between recycling and reducing trash in landfills is explained.  One complete chapter is devoted to recycling paper. The incredible volume of paper that consumers use and the process for making new paper from recycled paper is explained.  Other processes include; plastic, computers, cell phones, batteries and food and yard waste recycling. There are several excellent activities that give readers hands on experiences like simulating a landfill to monitor how different products decompose and making your own paper from recycled paper.  Throughout the text,  words that appear in a bold font are described in a glossary.  There are excellent resources listed including books, websites and organizations that students can pursue. This is a great book on the subject of recycling and is so complete it could serve as a  handbook for a school recycling club.  Well-written, excellent graphics and useful information make this book easy to recommend.

Genre: Non-Fiction
Reading Level: 7.1 Interest level: Ages 8 to 11.

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